cinandtonic (cinandtonic) wrote,

*blows off dust*


It's been a minute LJ, it has been a minute. It's been almost 3 years since I've made a post.

I'm not even entirely sure what compelled me to come back here. I have been thinking about getting back into blogging/journaling, so maybe that's it.

Who's still around?

Hope everyone had a great holiday!
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*raises hand*

I'm still here!

Long time, no see. How have you been?
It's been forever! I'm doing okay, how have you been?
I've been doing pretty well myself.

While not dealing with real life nonsense (which isn't all that interesting), I'm still involved with fandom, watching a lot of new shows, getting addicted to certain things. I've been pretty active here on LJ, which I use simultaneously alongside Tumblr (which I go on daily but I only reblog sparingly). So, yeah. :)
I wanted to like this and realized it's not an option. I think your tweet compelled me to come and nose around my flist.