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Ah television...

There will be spoilers for Castle and Bones.

Castle's season finale was a great episode. A little light-hearted moment at the beginning and then it went non-stop from then. Everyone was SO good and you could really just feel the heartbreak at the end. I had watched the sneak peek and I'm really glad the whole relationship thing was brought up. And the end, oh man the end. The last 10 minutes were just surprises, one right after the other. I love that while Montgomery was the 3rd cop that he wasn't made out to be a bad guy and that he tried to redeem himself with Kate. It made it extra sad when he died. I did not see the end coming at all. I'm glad Castle finally said he loved her and that she heard it before she passed out. The wait for next season is already agonizing. Bravo Castle, Bravo.

Now Bones on the other hand. I hate to compare these two shows because they are pretty different, but they are similar enough in that the male and female leads are totally into each other. And let me just say, you can only do the "Will they or won't they?" for so many season before it gets stale and annoying. And on Bones it's gotten stale and annoying I'm sad to say. Last week's episode was so sad and the end was so vague (did they get it on or not?). This week's episode seemed needlessly ridiculous and the end was just...what?!
In previous episodes when Booth and Brennan have gone undercover, I've thought it was charming and funny. Buck and Wanda at the circus? Cute! Booth posing as a boxer? That episode was hot. This one: not so much. It felt obnoxious and what the hell was up with those "disguises"? Did they not have any clothes from a decade later than the 80s? Was the mullet necessary? Okay, I'm done ranting about the outfits.
Positives for the episodes: I'm glad Angela and Hodgins' baby was healthy (let's ignore the fact that you can't bring a brand new born baby to the waiting room lol) and that we got to see Wendell and Max (I love Max lol).
So everything wrapped up, but there's still time so I'm anxiously awaiting the cliffhanger and what. the. fuck?! So I guess that answers the "did they or didn't they?" question. Why jump to that? I'm seriously annoyed with this show right now.

Sorry for the word-vomit.

Also, hi! lol
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