cinandtonic (cinandtonic) wrote,


I might be getting a tattoo on Friday.
I think I've decided on a design.

I might be a bit nervous...and excited!
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Cool, where are you getting it? I mean the part of the body, not the tattoo parlour xD
I want it on my lower stomach off to the right side. I want to be able to see it XD
Woohoo!! Tattoos are awesome! I expect pics when you're done.
lol there will definitely be pictures. I'll be showing my fat gut, but there will be pictures lol
Sooo, what is it?! :D
I want some stars. No significant meaning, I've just always loved stars, just plain stars.
Exciting! I want pics if you do! :)
OMG! I'm getting my tattoo on Saturday!! how exciting! You'll have to let me know how it feels!!